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The Power of the Appearance Palette Language(s): 

Difficulty: Advanced • Clicks: 4,351 • Author: Synthetic
Comment: One of Adobe Illustrator’s most powerful yet most overlooked features is the appearance palette. In this palette lies a great wealth of ways to control and manipulate vector objects within Illustrator, and is even useful in creating a reusable graphic styles. In this tutorial we take a look at some of the functionality that makes the Appearance Palette so useful, and describe ways to save your effects for quick use in other projects.

Justify Text Manually Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 3,090 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: The option to justify text can be found within the Paragraph window. But what if the text you want to justify isn't actually text anymore? What if you created outlines of your text in order to stylize the text a bit more... How can you justify the text now? With this tutorial you'll learn all!

Holiday Wreath Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 5,444 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: T'is the season to be jolly! Start the holiday season off with this tutorial on how to create a holiday wreath!

Skull Tattoo Language(s): 

Difficulty: Intermediate • Clicks: 2,897 • Author: Slick Illustrator
Comment: Lets face it - tattoos can look really cool, but only when designed properly and for the individual displaying them. In this tutorial you will learn about the pen tool, pathfinders, and transforming objects while making a fairly basic but cool looking skull tattoo.

Sunbursts Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 5,693 • Author: Slick Illustrator
Comment: When it comes to impact and relative simplicity, it is very hard to beat a skilfully composed sunburst. Used most effectively by manga artists, they are surprisingly eye-catching, and can make objects & characters stand out perfectly.

Fancy Stars Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 6,499 • Author: Slick Illustrator
Comment: Fancy stars aren't just for Christmas! Learn all about blending options in this short but sweet tutorial, and try out some different shapes to get some cool variations on the same theme.

Spirograph Effect Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 3,021 • Author: Slick Illustrator
Comment: Remember the Spirograph? Relive your childhood memories with this simple yet stunning effect. Learn the "Ctrl+d" shortcut to save tons of time with repetitive tasks and try out some different brushes to get some cool variations on the same idea.

Soccer Practice Cone Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 3,830 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: Practice makes perfect as they say. With this tutorial you'll get some practice using the Revolve effect and learn how to make a soccer practice cone!

Hershey Kisses Language(s): 

Difficulty: Novice • Clicks: 3,897 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: In this simple but tasty tutorial, you'll learn how to create a milk chocolate Hershey Kiss! I will not be responsible for those who hurt themselves trying to take a bite out of their screens!

3D Pill Language(s): 

Difficulty: Intermediate • Clicks: 2,518 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: All those long hours and sleepless nights designing can really get to you. With this tutorial you'll learn how to create a 3D pill to cure your design headaches!

Abstract Shapes Language(s): 

Difficulty: Novice • Clicks: 2,927 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: Abstract shapes can be used on wallpapers, logos, pretty much anything you'd like. Making abstract shapes aren't all that hard either. Here's a few methods for creating some quick and easy abstract shapes!

Rotated Characters Language(s): 

Difficulty: Newbie • Clicks: 2,324 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: Sometimes text can get a little boring. Here's a way to rotate individual characters and make that text a little more fun! The results vary depending on the font that you use, so the effect is always fresh and exciting.

Text Distortion Language(s): 

Difficulty: Novice • Clicks: 2,657 • Author: Jacorre
Comment: In this tutorial we will learn how to use Illustrator's distortion functions to distort text inside a custom shape. As you can probably image, this is a supremely useful technique and its flexibility will come in useful throughout your design career.

Gradient Meshes Introduction Language(s): 

Difficulty: Intermediate • Clicks: 10,784 • Author: bedlam123
Comment: Although difficult to learn and time consuming to set up, gradient meshes can give your vector images an illusion of photorealism and detail that will bring your artwork to new levels of excellence. This introduction will take you through the basics of gradient mesh design.

Illustrator Brush Basics Language(s): 

Difficulty: Novice • Clicks: 9,749 • Author: bedlam123
Comment: Illustrator's brushes are an illustrator's dream. To new users, however, they can be a little confusing. If you have followed our Introduction to Illustrator and need to learn a little more about basic brush functions, then you have definitely come to the right place!

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